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A cartoon woman in a pink shirt and navy pants stands tall holding a peace sign. around her are several objects: a computer, tax files, two hearts showcasing social justice and nonprofits, scales of justice, and the golden gate bridge.

Born and raised in a then-foggy California, Leanne Harris earned her Bachelors Degree in Criminal Justice at San Francisco State University in 2014. Since then, Leanne has taken on various roles, ranging from Office Management for a major credit card company, to logistics in the supply chain industry. Most recently, she has found her strength with numbers, data, and programming through an accounting generalist position at a national nonprofit.

Since November 2020, Leanne has studied with materials provided by Microsoft and Google, along with various online platforms for coding and development. She has programmed various web projects with only excitement to grow her skills and network.

A recent passion projects of hers include "Nicaragua News en English," a website built off of an API she built to pull articles about Nicaragua in English. Another is a match-3 game, where instead of matching candy or jewels, you match some of her favorite things, like her cat Maddie, her pomsky Baxter, aliens, and pizza.

Her tech stack currently includes HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and React for frontend development, and Node.js for backend. Cypress enthusiast for testing, supportive to Project Management.

Leanne hopes to work full time as a Software Engineer in any capacity in the future. With her essential project management skills and social/behavioral science knowledge, Leanne makes an excellent edition to any team.


“What would you do if you weren't afraid?" ― Sheryl Sandberg


Nicaragua News en English / Nicaragua News API

Using Axios and Cheerio, this API pulls articles about Nicaragua from various news sources around the world. The website is still in development, but the API / articles can be found here.

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a screenshot of the API code.

LeaCrush - A Candy Crush inspired game

Still-in-production, a match-3 game built primarily in React. Drag and match three of the same icons together to increase your score!

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a photo of brightly colored candy with the text overlay that states: candy crush inspired game

E-Commerce Product Page

Based off of a project on Frontend Mentor, this e-commerce product page was built in React and utilizes Leanne's keen eye to detail to work with pixel-perfect designs.

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a screenshot of the ecommerce app. it is orange and has menus and a checkout button.

Mental Health Hub

The Mental Health Hub is a website with resources for mental health and related scholarly articles curated by Leanne to share with the community.

Coming Soon Coming Soon to Github
starry night sky with the words coming soon

Dog Favoriting App

This progressive web app was built on Vue.js with an API. Start your favorite dog list today!

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a screenshot of the dog app, appropriately named doggo cave.

To-Do App

Need another junior engineer's first project to-do app for your collection? Look no further. This web app runs off local storage, which is almost as chic as its layout!

See it live Fork it on Github
a screenshot of the to-do app.



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